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12 February 2018

Zhara Gold Trophy donated by Lynda Keeler

For Highest Points achieved by a Pure Bred Arab horse at SERC rides during the season as defined in the SERC rules 18.11 and 19.10.


Previous Winners

2004  Absolut Vodka (Mary Stelmach),   136 points

2005  La Rouge (Lynda Keeler), 196 points

2006  La Rouge (Lynda Keeler), 354 points

2007  Jakhiri (Katie Keith), 242 points

2008  Jakhiri (Katie Keith), 323 points

2009  Dhabi (Pat Dorward), 269 points

2010  Dhabi (Pat Dorward), 330 points

2011  Cumbria Sameh (Donna Hemmings), 346 points

2012  Aratahnes Shantyie (Tony Comerford), 187 points 

2013  Cavatina (Alison Saunders), 331 points

2014  Selim el Sabok (Gayle Marr), 330 points

2015  Cavatina (Alison Saunders), 324 points

2016  Kingsmeadowhouse Magicmaker (Arlene Parvin), 309 points

2017  Cumbria Black Shamal (Donna Milne), 193 points