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04 April 2019

Northern Breeds Shield donated by Rebecca Sayers


Highest Points achieved by a "northern breeds horse" at SERC rides during the season.  "Northern Breeds" are defined for the purpose of this award as either pure bred or cross bred horses from the admissible list (below) of breeds and which have no element from the inadmissible breeds.


Previous Winners


1996  Pride of Lea Dargue (Heather Duncan)                        

1997  Schadow (Yvonne Thomson)

1998  Fudge (Leona Whiteoak)

1999  Schadow (Yvonne Thomson), 276 miles, 174 points 

2000  Flynn (Trish Prize), 159 miles, 92 points

2001  No award (FMD)

2002  Schadow (Yvonne Thomson), 128 points

2003  Schadow (Yvonne Thomson), 88 points

2004  Schadow (Yvonne Thomson), 147 points

2005  Schadow (Yvonne Thomson), 176 points

2006  Schadow (Yvonne Thomson), 184 points

2007  Schadow (Yvonne Thomson), 62 points

2008  Schadow (Yvonne Thomson), 112 points

2009  Schadow (Yvonne Thomson), 212 points

2010  Schadow (Yvonne Thomson), 310 points

2011  Schadow (Yvonne Thomson), 277 points

2012  Schadow (Yvonne Thomson), 94 points

2013  Invercrynoch Blue Moon (Arlene Parvin), 116 points

2014  Durris Indian Spirit (Freya van Midden), 112 points

2015  Schadow (Yvonne Thomson), 132 points

2016  Schadow (Yvonne Thomson), 114 points

2017  Myriewell Freya, Tia (Dot Ralli), 94 points

2018  Myriewell Freya, Tia (Dot Ralli), 109 points





Ardennais   Andalusian Akhal-teke
Ariegeois   Arab Australian Stock horse
Bashkir   Barb Criollo
Belgian Draught   Budenny Kabardin
Boulonnais   Carmargue Morgan
Breton   Cleveland Bay Mustang
Caspian   Danish Warmblood Orlov Trotter
Clydesdale   Don Peruvian Paso
Connemara   Dutch Warmblood Quarter horse
Dales   Frederiksborg Saddlebred
Dartmoor   French Trotter Sorraia
Exmoor   Furioso Standardbred
Fell   Gelderland Tersk
Fjord   Hackney Thouroughbred
Friesian   Hanoverian Trakehner
Haflinger   Holstein Westphalian
Highland   Hungarian Half-bred  
Icelandic   Irish Draught  
Jutland   Lusitano  
New Forest   Maremmano  
Noriker   Murgese  
North Swedish   Nonius  
Schleswig   Norman Cob  
Shetland   Oldenburg  
Shire   Percheron  
Suffolk   Selle Francais  
Tersk   Shagya  
Welsh Cob   Swedish Warmblood  
Welsh Mountain