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09 February 2019

La Rouge Trophy donated by Lynda & Robert Keeler

For Horse and Junior Rider with most points achieved at SERC rides during the season.   Rider must be 16 years of age or younger on the 1st January of the ride season.  In the event of there being no junior riders doing competitive rides, then the trophy will be awarded to the Junior Rider doing the most distance.


Previous Winners

2006  Emma Parvin & Magic Moonbeam

2007  Emma Parvin & Magic Moonbeam

2008  Emma Parvin & Magic Moonbeam

2009  Emma Parvin & Magic Moonbeam

2010  Emma Parvin & Magic Moonshine

2011  Emma Parvin & Magic Moonshine, 115 points

2012  Emma Parvin & Magic Moonshine, 32 points

2013  Emma Parvin & Magic Moonshine, 70 points

2014  No award

2015  Mia Taylor & Pentland Lenja, 122 kms

2016  Mia Taylor & Pentland Lenja, 100 kms

2017  Hannah Christie & Kaspar, 16 points

2018  Katy Parvin & Misty Morning, 201 points