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09 February 2019

Glenlivet Lad Trophy donated by Pat Dorward

Highest Points achieved by a "Non-Arab" Horse at SERC rides, including Home International and Caledonian Challenge rides, during the season.  "Non-Arab" is defined for the purpose of this award as not pure bred Arab.


Previous Winners

2002  Free Factor (Pat Dorward ), 284 points

2003  Lady Bathsheba (Kate Robertson), 381 points

2004  Rodeo Goldrush (Arlene Parvin), 346 points

2005  Free Factor (Pat Dorward),  362 points

2006  Free Factor (Pat Dorward),  447 points

2007  Magic Moonbeam (Emma Parvin),  286 points

2008  Lady Bathsheba (Kate Robertson), 325 points

2009  Aratahnes Shantyie (Tony Comerford), 220 points

2010   Schadow (Yvonne Thomson), 310 points

2011   Schadow (Yvonne Thomson), 277 points

2012  Fifi Le Bon (Nicola Price), 201 points

2013  Fifi Le Bon (Nicola Price), 337 points

2014  Cloughwood Gold Spangle (Lorna Hogg), 173 points

2015  Overhall Sharpe Cooper (Gemma Cooper), 202 points

2016  Schadow (Yvonne Thomson), 114 points

2017  Overhall Sharpe Cooper (Gemma Cooper), 128 points

2918  Misty Morning (Katy Parvin), 201 points