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09 February 2019

Barefootworks Trophy donated by Anni Stonebridge of Barefootworks

Highest mileage achieved by an Unshod Horse (wearing of boots allowed).

Previous Winners

2007  Glendalough Erin (Dawn Saunders), 145 kms

2008  Absolut Vodka (Mary Stelmach), 95 kms

2009  Bruce of Alvie (Judith Barker), 186 kms

2010  Rohnan (Freya van Midden), 281 kms

2011  Rohnan (Freya van Midden), 293 kms

2012  Button Biting Benjamin (Frauke Jurgensen), 285 kms

2013  Overhall Sharpe Cooper (Gemma Cooper), 217 kms

2014  Durris Indian Spirit (Freya van Midden), 462 kms

2015  Overhall Sharpe Cooper (Gemma Cooper), 482 kms

2016  El Nabab Ibn Lei (Clive Pollitt), 144 kms

2017  Overhall Sharpe Cooper (Gemma Cooper), 320 kms

2018  Halymyres Lollipop (Anna Armstrong), 229 kms