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30 December 2016

Results from the Scottish Regional Group of the Arabian Horse Supporters 2016 endurance points section:

1.  THF Silvallah - Hazel McCorkindale

2.  Kingsmeadowhouse Magicmaker - Arlene Parvin

3.  Sirnunn Golden Snowflake - Anne Short

4.  Sunlights Legacy - Lynda Keeler

5.  Cumbria Khafifa - Mary Stockdale

6.  Zarkhruv - Constance Newbould

In addition, from the Scottish Arabian Championships:

Susan Kilgour and GKJ Ibn Calimeer won the Champion Novice Ridden Pure and Part Bred Arabian

and Reserve Ridden Pure Bred Arabian.

Lynda and Sunlight won 2nd for Performance Section (dressage) and

4th for Ridden 75% and over Crabbet Arabian Horse and

4th for Ridden Endurance Pure and Part Bred Arabian Horse at the annual show in June.

Memberships are due 1st January.   Grampian AGM & Annual Awards - 8th February


Welcome to the website of the Grampian Branch of S.E.R.C.

We hope you find it friendly and informative,

and to see you at some of our rides soon.

If you have any requests or comments, please let us know.





SERC website – visit or click “SERC Home Page” on LH of this page.

The SERC website has links to all 8 Branches’ webpages, pages for major rides, the all-important Ride Calendar, information about preparing for rides, the Members’ area, and a host of other useful information. There is more information for members on the Members’ area, Forum and Intranet, see below.


Clubhouse – our management and ride entry database: click here or visit

Non-members can register on Clubhouse to find all our membership information, see the ride calendar, enter our rides online, sign up to help at a ride and view ride results. Registering for the first time is simple. A Q&A factsheet has been produced which you can access here, along with other relevant documents. Entries can also be made by post but online is preferred.

Members can also pay subscriptions, order a horse log book, register your horse, and keep your personal details up to date.


Club Facebook page – click here or visit

All Branches also have Facebook pages – Grampian Facebook is at 

The FB pages are open to SERC members and non-members, and are primarily for general chat, information about rides and so on. They are not intended to carry advertising, and any inappropriate or offensive posts will be removed.


Members’ Area of the SERC website

The password for the members’ area will be issued with your membership card. In the Members’ Area you’ll find a link to the Forum (see below), and to the Intranet, which holds lots of useful documents and information about how the Club works.


Club Members’ Forum – this is for SERC members only and carries news about rides, ride comments and reports, queries about rules and procedures, and classified advertising. If you haven’t already, please join by following these steps:

1. Click
here or access it via the Members area on the SERC website

2. Click on 'Register'.
3. Click on 'I Agree'.
4. Complete the requested information. Please note Usernames must be your first and last names - shortened or nicknames will be removed.
5. You will then be sent an email to validate your request.
Once this has been completed you will be able to access the Forum.


Members only Intranet - hosts just about every SERC document members will ever need, and tells you all about the Club and Committee structure, how to run rides, our health & safety policies, and the Helpers’ Handbook, which sets out in great detail just what is expected of helpers and officials at rides. Remember that we expect all members to help at a minimum of two rides each season. Not all jobs demand your presence on the day of the ride, so sometimes you can help the day before or after and also ride. But without helpers, there will be no rides.


Hope to see you soon,

Ruth Riddell, Web Editor

SERC Grampian Branch

Updates: 2017 membership now available

To join SERC, please access the SERC Clubhouse -

For manual membership applications to Grampian Branch only, please use the attached form.


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